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I'm a visiting hacker!
I'm a visiting hacker!
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(1)Tell us who you are, when you're coming and why you're awesome (2)Your info will be shared with cool NY Tech startup people (3)They'll contact you if they have a place available and arrange the details (4) Visit, meet great techies, and fall in love with the best city in the world
Cool People Looking To Adopt
Kyle Barry Kyle Barry
Developer / Couch owner at Etsy
My couch is really lonely and needs up-and-coming hackers so I can introduce them to the greatest city in the world.
Katelyn Friedson Katelyn Friedson,
Technical Product Manager at ContextWeb
This is one of the best times to come. NYC is transforming into one of the best tech hubs in the world. Culturally, it's the most interesting city I've ever been in, and I discover something new around every corner.
John Britton John Britton,
Twilio Developer Evangelist
At heart, I'm a hacker and a couchsurfer. The tech scene in NYC is exploding, I've always loved to host couchsurfers, and I'm really excited to mix the two.