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Hackers: people who build products. You must live outside the metropolitan New York area. If you've never been here, you're in for a fantastic time!

Our hosts volunteer their homes and donate their time for free. Of course everybody loves a small gift to show your appreciation! You are responsible for any transportation costs.

Simply fill out the application form. Point us to cool products you've built and tell us about your interests! We want to know that you have a genuine interest in NYC and the tech community here (and you're not simply looking for a free place to crash). Impress us enough and you might be surprised who reaches out.

Adopt a Hacker is created by and for hackers. The hosts are volunteers from the New York startup scene who are actively involved with the community. Hacker hosts care about the New York startup community and are passionate about seeing it grow bigger and better, and are passionate about showing off NYC as a fantastic place to live.

The hosts are members of the NYC Tech community. While we make every effort to ensure that they're upstanding citizens that would be good hosts, we can't be held legally responsible. We only provide a platform for hosts and hackers to connect and it is the responsibility of the hackers and hosts to do their own research and reference checks on each other.

We will not write on your wall or spam your friends. We use your name and profile picture to create a profile to show to NYC hosts. We also use your social graph to discover mutual friends that visitors may have with hosts.

Once you submit your application, it's *magically* routed to relevant volunteer hosts. They will review your profile and if they are interested in potentially hosting you they will contact you. You and the host figure out the details and logistics from there.

Then you're out of luck :( You can always try again in a few days, or use's Hacker News group or couchsurfing.

We would expect most trips to be about three days long, but we're certainly not making any rules. Just be sure your hacker host understands the length of your trip.

Sure! Mention your language preference in your application and we'll try to find someone who speaks it!

Jonathan Wegener, Ben Fisher & the startup weekend team of Aaron Knight, Michael Tseng, Nick Khuu, Michael DeFranco, Heather John, and Ariel Zavala.

Reach out and say hi: [email protected]